emery cloth

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Noun1.emery cloth - cloth covered with powdered emery
abradant, abrasive, abrasive material - a substance that abrades or wears down
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Judge Stockdale said the factory boss was aware of the dangers to which young Cameron was exposed, from woefully inadequate instructions to roll up their sleeves, not wear gloves and not to press too hard on emery cloth while polishing a lathe revolving at 700 revs a minute.
Attempt to remove any imperfections with a file or emery cloth.
Before you reinstall the thermostat, you may want to take very fine emery cloth and delicately polish the gallery walls where the thermostat is installed.
One of RCBS's production processes involves hand-finishing steel reloading die bores, with employees wrapping emery cloth around rods and polishing the internal surface of the dies.
Same sort of procedure for polishing most anything: spin against emery cloth until the metal is smooth.
Rusted Cast IronPatches of rust can be smoothed off with an emery cloth but take care not to rub so hard that you make a hole.
Only when the plaster model is completely dry can it be refined using fine emery cloth.
IN THE PAST, copper pipe repair for high-pressure water pipes involved using a torch, emery cloth, flux.
Deburr the pin holes that need it using emery cloth or sandpaper.
Small areas of rust can be removed with an emery cloth and larger areas with a wire brush.
They were not finished; next we needed to sand the piece and we did this with medium- and, then, fine-grit emery cloth.