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n. pl. em·e·ses (-sēz′)
The act of vomiting.

[Greek, from emein, to vomit; see wemə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Medicine) the technical name for vomiting. See vomit
[C19: via New Latin from Greek, from emein to vomit]


(ˈvɒm ɪ təs)

vomited matter.
[1880–85; < Latin, =vomi-, variant s. of vomere to vomit + -tus suffix of v. action]


an act of vomiting. — emetic, adj.
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Noun1.emesis - the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouthemesis - the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth
ejection, forcing out, expulsion, projection - the act of expelling or projecting or ejecting
rumination - regurgitation of small amounts of food; seen in some infants after feeding
haematemesis, hematemesis - vomiting blood
hyperemesis - severe and excessive vomiting


n emesis f
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A 20-month-old African-American girl was referred to the otolaryngology service for evaluation of stridor and daily emesis.
The guidelines stress that prophylaxis should be maintained for at least 4 days for patients who receive chemotherapy with a high or moderate risk of emesis, Dr.
Emitasol is being developed globally for use in treating chemotherapy induced emesis and diabetic gastroparesis, a digestive disorder occurring in diabetic patients.
Revile life, defile liver So I tap patios Ed under a tonsil is not a red nude Separate nine tar apes Sis, omesis is emesis No, Lem, we dye no honeydew melon Ball at Ned's dental lab Nail a tin on a non-Italian Deb born robbed Lion in oil Ed aced a decade A cross orca No melanin in a lemon Ned, I am Nell, a fallen maiden DAVID B.
His son reported that the patient had started to experience significant emesis after eating approximately 6 months before his hospitalization.
Especially effective on organic, foul, airborne odors resulting from feces, urine, emesis, cancer lesions and gangrene, Hex-On also works well for general patient-room odors.
has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") has awarded them a key patent for the use of Emitasol (intranasal metaclopramide), RiboGene's product for the treatment of delayed onset emesis associated with chemotherapy.
I had been admitted, gowned, and given an emesis basin.
The daily vomiting, or emesis, "is simply part of [an Achuar Jivaro] macho ritual, passed down through the ages," says Lewis.
Market forces and issues - developments, challenges, and events influencing business The report also explains issues, forces, and events affecting the antiemetic drugs industry and market from 2014, including these: -- Emesis and its pharmacological management - pathways and targets -- Future of serotonin (5-HT3) antagonists - existing and new therapies -- Demand for antiemetics in post-operative settings, inc.