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1. One whose conduct, thought, or rhetoric is governed by emotion rather than reason, often as a matter of policy.
2. An excessively emotional person.

e·mo′tion·al·is′tic adj.


(ɪˈmoʊ ʃə nl ɪst)

1. a person easily affected by emotion.
2. a person whose conduct or policies are based on feelings rather than reason.
e•mo`tion•al•is′tic, adj.
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In spite of Davies's deep commitment to the emotionalist thesis that music is objectively linked to emotions, his account has some surprising affinities with the formalist position.
If you were an emotionalist, in Rand's sense of the term, you would most likely condemn him.
In general, the emotionalist defense of the Earth--think of Al Gore--now is a vital part of the liberalism of our day.