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1. Of or relating to emotion: the emotive aspect of symbols.
2. Characterized by, expressing, or exciting emotion: an emotive trial lawyer; the emotive issue of gun control.

e·mo′tive·ly adv.
e·mo′tive·ness, e′mo·tiv′i·ty (ē′mō-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
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Their emotivity is always exaggerated, and although cloaked by an apparent indifference, their exaggerated sensitivities make their lives a perpetual tragedy.
We are also defending ourselves with the emotivity, with the feeling for justice, with the pride.
Cautioning against "confusing imaginative emotivity with its objective rendering" (The Writing of Fiction 15), her commentary on the stream-of-consciousness method is similar to her complaint about tabloid culture, for she finds that both forms lack interpretive judgment.
Kushner's art emphasizes nature's beauty, giving the effect of "transcendental emotivity, so grand and precious," which Gauguin's supporter the Symbolist critic G.
Emotivity, an unraced Theatrical juvenile filly out of US Grade 2 winner Didina, was the pick of a Juddmonte draft when selling to New Zealand agent Bruce Perry for 82,000gns.