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Of, relating to, or characterized by empathy.


(ɛmˈpæθɪk) or


of or relating to empathy
emˈpathically, ˌempaˈthetically adv


(ɛmˈpæθ ɪk)

also em•pa•thet•ic

(ˌɛm pəˈθɛt ɪk)

pertaining to or showing empathy: an empathic response to another's suffering.
em•path′i•cal•ly, em`pa•thet′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.empathic - showing empathy or ready comprehension of others' states; "a sensitive and empathetic school counselor"
sympathetic - expressing or feeling or resulting from sympathy or compassion or friendly fellow feelings; disposed toward; "sympathetic to the students' cause"; "a sympathetic observer"; "a sympathetic gesture"


Cognizant of and comprehending the needs, feelings, problems, and views of others:


[ˌempəˈθetɪk] ADJcomprensivo, empático
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Another possible empathic mechanism is to place myself in the situation of my friend and to assume that my parent had just died.
She outlines an empathic behavior management approach that stresses understanding the experience that led to the behavior, noting the problems with reward-punishment strategies and detailing the science behind the experiences of traumatized children.
Unfinished emotional business is almost always a factor for those suffering with empathic distress.
Don't tell your children to be more empathic, show them how to do it," says Krznaric.
These benefits and others sometimes stem from people using empathic listening during some of their conversations.
I trust that basic human kindness and a more compassionate and empathic outcome will prevail.
The Spiritual Power of Empathy: Develop Your Intuitive Gifts for Compassionate Connection is for any new age reader interested in psychic development and fostering innate empathic abilities, and allows readers to pursue their own psychic connections through a better understanding of what empathy is and how it works.
London, May 31 ( ANI ): People with narcissistic tendencies can be empathic towards a person who's suffering given they have the right focus, says research by the University of Surrey.
Imitating others' facial expressions represents a rapid way to forge empathic ties, Campbell says.
There's a subtle boundary between the ability to identify with others and take on their perspective -- and therefore be empathic -- and the inability to distinguish between self and other, thus acting egocentrically" explains Silani.
Tracking the rise and fall of the shamed socialist leader, I, Tommy is played strictly for belly laughs, with only narrator Colin McCredie's empathic turn as former ally Alan McCombes articulating the hurt, anger and disappointment that Sheridan's rampant ego caused to his party.
We've established that the claims professional didn't make the empathic connection, either.