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n. pl. em·per·ies
Absolute dominion or jurisdiction; sovereignty.

[Middle English emperie, from Old French, from Latin imperium; see empire.]


n, pl -peries
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) archaic dominion or power; empire
[C13 (in the sense: the status of an emperor): from Anglo-French emperie, from Latin imperium power; see empire]


(ˈɛm pə ri)

n., pl. -per•ies.
absolute dominion; sovereignty.
[1250–1300; Middle English emperie < Anglo-French < Latin imperium mastery, sovereignty, empire =imper(āre) to rule (see emperor) + -ium -ium1]
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Past, present, and future mingled; and he went on oscillating across the broad, warm world, through high adventure and noble deeds to Her - ay, and with her, winning her, his arm about her, and carrying her on in flight through the empery of his mind.
Empery Asset Management LP, Anson Capital LP and Broadfin Capital LLC, all ranked third for the second quarter, invested in five deals.
In quick succession, Titus has killed Tamoras first born son, turned down the empery and handed it to Saturninus, along with his daughter, Lavinia.
Piggott's other Derby triumphs came with Never Say Die (1954), Crepello (1957), St Paddy (1960), Nijinsky (1970), Roberto (1972), Empery (1976), The Minstrel (1977) and Teenoso (1983) while his Arc wins were delivered by Rheingold (1973) and Alleged (1977 & 1978).
Ltd, Empery Asset Master Limited, and the Cranshire Capital Master Fund.
Saturninus and Bassianus dispute which brother has the rightful claim to the empery.
Hall Caine's Sonnets of Three Centuries: A Selection (1882), immediately after that of George Chapman's "Muses that sing Love's sensual empery.
His mount, Empery, strode away in the last furlong to leave his rivals floundering.
Orcanes, the selected king of Natolia, accurately describes this boundary when he says: 'My realm, the centre of our Empery,\Once lost, All Turkey would be overthrown' (Part II, I,I,34-5).
He is one of eight colts left in the Group 2 event won last year by Pour Moi, who became the first French-trained Derby winner since Empery in 1976.
My new-found-land, My kingdom, safeliest when with one man manned, My mine of precious stones, my empery, How blest am I in this discovering thee
Pappageno's Cottage (1963), The Spaniard (1970), Young Ash Leaf (1971), Fighting Fit (1979), Empery (1976), The Minstrel (1977), Teenoso (1983).