empirical research

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Noun1.empirical research - an empirical search for knowledge
inquiry, research, enquiry - a search for knowledge; "their pottery deserves more research than it has received"
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Tenders are invited for Identification of companies suitable for research, fieldwork for collection of empirical data (through surveys) and their processing (first stage) and performance of complementary / competitive / analysis of data from empirical research and scientific consultations (second stage) for the needs of scientific research on "Determinants and Models of Competitive Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in an International Business Environment", funded by the Scientific Research Fund, under contract DN05 / 15 / 15.
The workshop is aimed at imparting knowledge on data issues, analysis, econometric modeling and its applications in the context of empirical research, which will be inaugurated by the university Rector Dr.
The workshop was aimed at imparting knowledge on data issues, analysis, econometric modeling and its applications in the context of empirical research, which was inaugurated by the university Rector Dr.
Punch explains how graduate students can develop successful proposals for empirical research in the social sciences.
This article deals with five significant facets of mission research as experienced within a Majority World mission movement: (1) the role of a mission researcher in the development of the Korean missionary movement, (2) empirical research as incarnational, (3) the significance of humility in integrating various disciplines, (4) the need to update the methodology of mission research, and (5) future prospects for mission research.
Then the book opens to a wider community, and eight scholars, employing various types and degrees of empirical research, contribute to the conversation on ecclesiology and ethnography.
1 of The Writing Center Journal, an issue that embraces a range of empirical research and highlights the ways we make knowledge in our writing centers.
Papers are grouped in sections on introductory reviews and exploratory discussions, analytical modeling research, and empirical research on fast fashion systems.
He has done in depth empirical research to grapple with an intriguing problem- why companies are keen to maximize customer satisfaction and at the same time want to maximize shareholder value.
In this special topic forum, we seek high quality conceptual and empirical research that addresses critical research issues related to managing supply chains in emerging economies.
The empirical research was carried out in the "English for Academic Purposes" course of Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy in 2008-2009.
The result is a carefully edited volume that reconstructs the heated debate of the 1950s by republishing in translation not only Adorno's seminal essay but also Hofstatter's harsh methodological critique of the empirical research of the Institute as well as Adorno's defense of the procedure chosen to assess public opinion in the Federal Republic with regard to the German past.

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