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also em·ploy·e  (ĕm-ploi′ē, ĭm-, ĕm′ploi-ē′)
A person who works for another in return for financial or other compensation.
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also employe
One who is employed by another:
Informal: hire, hired hand.
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An employe whom I yesterday sacked, today he returns.
He is an employe whom I--I myself--have but yesterday dismissed,' vociferated M.
Then, with the help of some Italian employe, he succeeded in finding out where the other three busts had gone.
Trollope, long a traveling employe in the post-office service, was a man of very assertive and somewhat commonplace nature.
I couldn't say--some would tell you one thing and others another," said the employe uneasily.
I mean by big, a solid, well-established concern, that offers a reasonably good career to its employes.
Rouletabille never took his eyes off the cane; he was so absorbed that he did not notice a sign Larsan made to a railway employe, a young man with a chin decorated by a tiny blond and ill-kept beard.
Eight employees have joined us in the past year and we plan to employe eight more in the following one to two years.
beaucoup moins que]Effectivement, et comme je suis employe de Meditel depuis 10 ans j'ai discute avec les responsables des services concernes avant de preparer mon projet que j'ai presente a Michel Paulin directeur general de Meditelecom qui a repondu positivement a ma demande apres sa conviction de la noble intention de cette grande course.
Et pour cause, les clients se mefient encore, selon un employe d'une autre boite de livraison.
He said corruption would not be tolerated at any cost and asked people to lodge complaint on his cell number 03008560466, if any employe of the Evacuee Trust demanded bribe.