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Noun1.employee stock ownership plan - a program under which employees regularly accumulate shares and may ultimately assume control of the company
stock purchase plan - an organized plan for employees of a company to buy shares of its stock
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in its sale of equity from the shareholders to the newly created Tanimura and Antle Employee Stock Ownership Plan for an undisclosed sum, the bank said.
In this case, the Tax Court upheld the IRS' decision to retroactively revoke an employee stock ownership plan ("ESOP") maintained by a company because it failed to properly update the plan to reflect legislative changes that affected plan qualifications requirements.
409(o)(1)(C)(ii) dollar limit for determining the maximum account balance in an employee stock ownership plan subject to a five-year distribution period increases from $850,000 to $885,000.
Companies that offer their stock to employees through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) or 401(k) plan are increasingly vulnerable to fiduciary liability lawsuits, according to a white paper developed for the Chubb Group of Insurance Co.
A federal court judge in the US has ruled that employees of United Airlines can go ahead with a class-action lawsuit against the airline's employee stock ownership plan and its trustees.
However, when taxpayers (other than C corporations) sell securities that they have held for at least three years in a C corporation that isn't publicly traded to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), they can elect not to recognize gain on the sale and reinvest the proceeds in replacement property.
Our new Nicholson Kovac brand reflects who we are today as our employees become owners of the company through a seller-funded Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)," said President and CEO Pete Kovac.
A combination 401(k) plan and employee stock ownership plan, commonly called a KSOP, can be used to decrease the administrative and legal expenses for employers who maintain both a 401(k) plan and an employee stock ownership plan.
Krause president Chet Krause, who set up an employee stock ownership plan 14 years ago in an attempt to keep ownership local, said the ultimate per-share price would be significantly higher, although it was not clear if a higher per-share price would increase the purchase price.
Also a sore spot for some shareholders is the lack of a universal employee stock ownership plan, while Eisner and other top executives rake in what critics call a bloated portion of the pay and perks.
Last year he established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan at the company, giving approved workers a part ownership in the company.
For many companies in these situations, an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is worth considering.

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