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Noun1.employee-owned business - a commercial enterprise owned by the people who work for it
business enterprise, commercial enterprise, business - the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects; "computers are now widely used in business"
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com) is a senior property casualty adjuster at Northern Adjusters, an employee-owned business.
I recently met with employees at Bruns General Contracting, a small employee-owned business in Tipp City, as it announced plans to purchase new and more productive equipment, hire more workers, take on new jobs, and increase retirement benefits as a result of the savings from the new law.
We are humbled that John was drawn to Baird's privately held, employee-owned business model and strong culture, which continues to help us attract top talent across the business," said Baird Chairman Phil Purcell, in a statement.
It also provides a service to assist businesses and organisations that want to adopt co-operative or employee-owned business models.
is an employee-owned business based in Hiawatha, Iowa that is a designer/manufacturer of combat-proven rugged commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom computers, displays, switches and storage devices.
Ultimately Vitsoe intends to become an employee-owned business.
Thanks to one employee-owned business, Pauline and I were able to get on the property ladder.
On 20 April 2016, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell chose an employee-owned business in Preston, Lancashire as the venue for a speech that sketched a way in which the ideas of radical economic thinkers such as Mariana Mazzucato could stand behind a different vision of local economic development.
Simultaneously with the building of the store, Gershman was working on yet another project--turning Happy Harry's into an employee-owned business through a complicated employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), a common tool used to pass ownership of a business to its employees.
Today, the employee-owned business is benefitting from an increasing amount of work designing windfarm installation equipment and vessels.
Cleveland's worker-owned cooperative network (21) links employee-owned business development to a set of related philanthropic investments in other areas, including: community engagement, housing, real estate, transportation, and workforce development--all centered on a set of neighborhoods in East Cleveland known as the "Greater University Circle.
Gary Davie, corporate law partner at Shakespeare Martineau, a director of an employee-owned business, said: "This event has been extremely useful as a means of sharing real experiences of employee ownership.

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