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Noun1.employment agent - someone who runs an employment agency
agent - a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations
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In a written reply to the question of Dr Nikhat Shakeel Khan the minister said out of 10 registered cases one employment agent has been convicted while five case of such nature are under trial.
One man, a 43-year-old employment agent named Mohamed, said they would defend their position until Mursi was restored.
He is a Licensed Employment Agent, a Nationally Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, a Behavioral Consultant and a Certified DISC Administrator and the author of the best-selling book, Ready Aim Hired, Leveraging LinkedIn For Job Search Success and contributing author to Business Model You, now translated into seven languages.
They say that Fazila Bee Abdul Kareem from Tamil Nadu was tricked into taking the drugs to Malaysia by a corrupt employment agent in India.
Now Gaga, 23, has sued back, claiming Fusari took advantage of HER as an "inexperienced performing artist" and was an unlawful employment agent.
Elaine's desk was initially too low for her electric wheelchair but was quickly raised with a little expert help from the local JobCentre's Disability Employment Agent.
I took up the post through an overseas employment agent designated by my country's officials four months ago.
In case of an employee quitting his or her job before the stipulated period, the employer is provided with the initial payment they made to the employment agent (maximum SR8,000).
Contract notice: Walk occupational medicine and prevention for pole employment agents rhone-alpes regional management and regional management auvergne.
As this impressive report demonstrates, many people are currently being forced to make illegal payments to unscrupulous employment agents in their home countries in order to secure Qatari work visas," Telefat explained.
As part of QF efforts to identify and take action against unlawful employment agents in sending countries, a series of field trips has been planned to assess specific issues in each territory.
Sarah Ellwood, managing director, commented: "We are committed to raising standards within recruitment and work alongside the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, Recruitment and Employment Confederation and The Employment Agents Movement to ensure that best practice is upheld within our industry.

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