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Noun1.employment agent - someone who runs an employment agency
agent - a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations
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Chairman Cheung Kit-man said helpers would usually be trained for months by the employment agent they started working.
KUWAIT -- National competition protection agency is investigating audio record attributed to maids' employment agent, urging fellow businessmen to abstain from lowering services' costs.
Many of them relied heavily on the padrone, or employment agent, who would help them locate work, especially the unskilled laborers.
In a written reply to the question of Dr Nikhat Shakeel Khan the minister said out of 10 registered cases one employment agent has been convicted while five case of such nature are under trial.
One man, a 43-year-old employment agent named Mohamed, said they would defend their position until Mursi was restored.
They say that Fazila Bee Abdul Kareem from Tamil Nadu was tricked into taking the drugs to Malaysia by a corrupt employment agent in India.
Now Gaga, 23, has sued back, claiming Fusari took advantage of HER as an "inexperienced performing artist" and was an unlawful employment agent.
Given this process involved the cooperation of an 'experienced' employment agent and highly paid personnel managers it is a disgrace.
Elaine's desk was initially too low for her electric wheelchair but was quickly raised with a little expert help from the local JobCentre's Disability Employment Agent.
In several cases, men were stranded in Sri Lanka by the employment agent.
I took up the post through an overseas employment agent designated by my country's officials four months ago.
In case of an employee quitting his or her job before the stipulated period, the employer is provided with the initial payment they made to the employment agent (maximum SR8,000).

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