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Noun1.employment agreement - contract between employer and employee
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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The taxpayers contended that the scope of "for cause" in the regulation is not necessarily identical to the scope the parties had given the phrase in the employment agreements.
Joanne Kim has served as the bank's president and chief executive officer for the past three years pursuant to a written employment agreement that will expire effective as of the close of business on April 19, 2014.
If one taxpayer were terminated "without cause, as defined in Section 7 of the Employment Agreement.
Generally, if you do not have an employment agreement or use one that is poorly drafted, the value of your business's intellectual property might be in jeopardy.
Aviation company Mesa Air Group Inc (Nasdaq: MESA) said on 20 November that its board of directors has approved certain amendments to the employment agreements for its chief executive officer Jonathan G Ornstein, its president and chief operating officer Michael J Lotz, and its executive vice president and general counsel Brian S Gillman.
CPAs can maximize the tax benefits for their clients through careful tax structuring of the selling entity; transferring the selling entity's assets; and properly allocating the purchase price among sold assets, intangibles and employment agreements.
Recently, courts in Michigan have begun to fully embrace provisions in employment agreements that shorten the statute of limitations for employment actions.
Hence, employment agreements and routine transactions between the employee and the employer may be subject to disclosure under the regulations, standard vendor and supply agreements, (7) straightforward stock or asset acquisitions, and standard licensing agreements.
The government filing showed that Yuen would receive a termination fee of $22,452,640 and $7,030,778 in settlement for unpaid salary, bonuses and vacation due under his former employment agreement.
As part of the deal, Ellison and Conrad collectively received $55,000 cash, 15,000 shares each of Medinex stock (worth approximately $8 per share at the time) and two-year employment agreements, including full-time positions and health benefits.
They may also may place your business in a vulnerable position if they have not entered into an employment agreement.

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