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Noun1.empty tomb - a monument built to honor people whose remains are interred elsewhere or whose remains cannot be recovered
monument, memorial - a structure erected to commemorate persons or events
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On the morrow, the husband and father, having discovered the empty tomb, came to claim her.
You can be sure that if it had been possible to eliminate those women who went out from the empty tomb, [the gospel writers] would have done it" because of the prevailing attitude toward women in those times, she says.
panel shows the cross, a symbol of a triumphant Christianity, standing near an empty tomb that contains bread and wine, elements of the Christian Communion.
The reality of Jesus' resurrection hits us with its full force with the image of the empty tomb.
This is where the cross and the empty tomb were headed all along for us, for the woman with the alabaster jar, for Simon, and even for David in the sense that the pattern of his healing is the same as ours.
It commemorates the finding of the empty tomb by Jesus' female followers.
But this story also brings for those close to Jesus a certain kind of comfort and closure some weeks down the road from the shocking and violent way that their friend and Lord was put to death, and the equally disturbing and confusing events of Easter's empty tomb when they couldn't care for the body.
CHRISTIANS gave slightly more of their income to their church in 1996 than they did the year before, says a new report by Empty Tomb.
It was the epic of my youth: a magic birth on a crystalline night, a precocious boy in a temple, water and blood, a dusty murder on a afternoon, and the final thrilling detail - an empty tomb where the dead man had been, its huge stone door flung aside like a pebble.
As dawn broke over the Holy City, thousands of Christian pilgrims from all over the world gathered to celebrate Easter and remember the resurrection and the miracle of the empty tomb.
But then came Easter Sunday; the empty tomb and the resurrection; meeting Jesus again with all the renewed and new hope that brought for the Disciples.
Scholars agree that the empty tomb probably prompted the conclusion that Jesus' body had been stolen.