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Enclosed by a protective coating or membrane: an encapsulated bacterium.
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In addition, manipulating the particle size, coating material used, and number of individual layers of coating materials deposited over the particle surface can alter the controlled interaction properties of the encapsulated food ingredients.
Palisaded encapsulated neuroma (PEN),also known as 'solitary circumscribed neuroma' is an uncommon, benign,cutaneous, neural tumor, which usually presents as small, solitary, asymptomatic, firm, skin-coloured or pink papule or nodule, usually localized on the face or close to a mucocutaneous junction.
IFP's Non-PHO encapsulated ingredients include, but are not limited to, encapsulated minerals and acidulants such as salt, citric, fumaric, malic and tartaric acids, encapsulated nutraceuticals such as caffeine, and ascorbic acid and encapsulated sodium bicarbonate.
Researchers at the University of Massachusetts plan to determine the relationship between the physicochemical characteristics of nano-laminated biopolymer coatings and the bioavailability of encapsulated lipids.
The activated carbon is only partially encapsulated with polymer, leaving voids.
We have shown that encapsulated hESC-derived pancreatic cells are able to produce insulin in response to elevated glucose without an increase in the mass or their escape from the capsule.
They found that progenitor cells were more robust dian mature beta cells to encapsulate, and while encapsulated, they matured into insulin-producing cells, which secreted insulin only when needed.
the PYB10 Series, electromechanical, DC/DC, Encapsulated, Isolated, Dual Output, Single Output, or Encapsulated DC-DC Converters, as well as access to the world's largest available-to-sell inventory, visit www.
But Zack Scott of Scott Labs, a supplier of encapsulated yeast, says that complete removal of the beads may depend on a winery's disgorging equipment, and that if a winery is happy with a routine that includes freezing--keep freezing, and be thankful for no more riddling.
Here is an overview of the five basic steps to repairing an encapsulated manifold:
Figure 1 shows the schematic change in crosslinking rate when encapsulated curing or crosslinking chemicals are used.
In most of these successfully treated cases, the tumors were encapsulated and had not undergone extrathyroidal invasion, and these patients survived without evidence of recurrent disease.