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n. pl. en·ceph·a·lop·a·thies
Any of various diseases of the brain.

en·ceph′a·lo·path′ic (-lə-păth′ĭk) adj.


(Pathology) relating to encephalopathy
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Chronic human exposure can cause long-term mutagenic, neurological, neuropathic, encephalopathic and visual disturbance effects (Agudelo et al.
Maple syrup urine disease: dif fusion-weighted MRI findings during acute metabolic encephalopathic crisis.
The hallmarks of HACE are encephalopathic symptoms and signs, including ataxic gait, severe lassitude, and progressive decline of mental function and consciousness (irritability, confusion, impaired mentation, drowsiness, stupor, and finally coma).
Posterior reversible encephalopathic syndrome due to severe hypercalcemia in AIDS.
Wieloch, Long-lasting Neuroprotective Effect of Postischemic Hypothermia and Treatment with an Anti-inflammatory/Antipyretic Drug, Evidence for Chronic Encephalopathic Processes Following Ischemia, Stroke.
In an encephalopathic patient, normal findings on brain imaging and CSF analysis in the absence of head trauma, recent seizures, sepsis or cardiorespiratory instability suggest metabolic encephalopathy.
This is an unusual case of a young patient with encephalopathic symptoms, new-onset hypertension, and bulky retroperitoneal metastasis of right testicular teratoma.
She went into a "hypoglycemic encephalopathic coma" and "suffered irreversible brain damage.
2) Its uses include evaluation of possible organic aetiologies, including the exclusion of seizure disorders and encephalopathic conditions.
Delirium is a nonspecific neuropsychiatric disorder that occurs in medically ill patients, signifying global encephalopathic dysfunction.
2 Before the onset of an encephalopathic crisis, presentation of affected children is non-specific with macrocephaly being the most characteristic feature.
The aim of this paper is to alert physicians and clinical pharmacists to a rare but serious encephalopathic manifestation of ADR, in which the cutaneous symptom was an important diagnostic clue.
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