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1. One that delights or fascinates.
2. A sorcerer or magician.


(ɛnˈtʃæn tər, -ˈtʃɑn-)

one that enchants, esp. a sorcerer.


A male sorcerer or magician.
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Noun1.enchanter - a sorcerer or magicianenchanter - a sorcerer or magician    
necromancer, sorcerer, thaumaturge, thaumaturgist, wizard, magician - one who practices magic or sorcery
galdramaîur, töframaîur


[ɪnˈtʃɑːntəʳ] Nhechicero/a m/f


[ɪnˈtʃɑːntəʳ] nincantatore m


(inˈtʃaːnt) verb
1. to delight. I was enchanted by the children's concert.
2. to put a magic spell on. A wizard had enchanted her.
enˈchanted adjective
an enchanted castle.
enˈchanterfeminine enˈchantress noun
a person who enchants.
enˈchantment noun
1. the act of enchanting or state of being enchanted. a look of enchantment on the children's faces.
2. a magic spell.
3. charm; attraction. the enchantment (s) of a big city.
References in classic literature ?
Huge pomegranate trees, with their glossy leaves and flame-colored flowers, dark-leaved Arabian jessamines, with their silvery stars, geraniums, luxuriant roses bending beneath their heavy abundance of flowers, golden jessamines, lemon-scented verbenum, all united their bloom and fragrance, while here and there a mystic old aloe, with its strange, massive leaves, sat looking like some old enchanter, sitting in weird grandeur among the more perishable bloom and fragrance around it.
Change these back again to what they were, thou powerful enchanter, Time, and they shall be seen to be the carriages of absolute monarchs, the equipages of feudal nobles, the toilettes of flaring Jezebels, the churches that are not my father's house but dens of thieves, the huts of millions of starving peasants
I felt as if I had been living in a palace of cards, which had tumbled down, leaving only Miss Mills and me among the ruins; I felt as if some grim enchanter had drawn a magic circle round the innocent goddess of my heart, which nothing indeed but those same strong pinions, capable of carrying so many people over so much, would enable me to enter!
The business of this enchanter on earth, being principally to be talked at, sung at, butted at, danced at, and flashed at with fires of various colours, he had a good deal of time on his hands.
Monster," I shrieked, "be thou juggler, enchanter, dream, or devil, no more will I endure thy mockeries.
Hence his admiration and his emulation of that shining enchanter.
In a darksome wood, so the story runs, the enchanter, Comus, lived with his rabble rout, half brute, half man.
I divine thee well: thou hast become the enchanter of all the world; but for thyself thou hast no lie or artifice left,--thou art disenchanted to thyself!
As to the kind of trade she was engaged in and the character of my ship- mates, I could not have been happier if I had had the life and the men made to my order by a benevolent Enchanter.
Let all know, if perchance there be any who know it not, that enchanters of my degree deign not to concern themselves with the doings of any but kings, princes, emperors, them that be born in the purple and them only.
The King's daughter often dreamed that her husband was going through some great suffering: she therefore begged her father to summon all the enchanters and magicians, that they might try to find out where the Prince was and how he could be set free.
He was indeed as bitter an enemy to the savage authority too often exercised by husbands and fathers, over the young and lovely of the other sex, as ever knight-errant was to the barbarous power of enchanters; nay, to say truth, I have often suspected that those very enchanters with which romance everywhere abounds were in reality no other than the husbands of those days; and matrimony itself was, perhaps, the enchanted castle in which the nymphs were said to be confined.