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1. A clitic that is attached to the end of another word. In Give 'em the works, the pronoun 'em is an enclitic.
2. A clitic.
Of or relating to an enclitic or enclisis; forming an accentual unit with the preceding word.

[Late Latin encliticus, from Greek enklitikos, from enklīnein, to lean on : en-, on, in; see en-2 + klīnein, to lean; see klei- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]

en·clit′i·cize′ (-ə-sīz′) v.
en·clit′i·ci·za′tion (-ə-sĭ-zā′shən), en′clis·is (-klĭs-ĭs) n.


a. denoting or relating to a monosyllabic word or form that is treated as a suffix of the preceding word, as Latin -que in populusque
b. (in classical Greek) denoting or relating to a word that throws an accent back onto the preceding word
(Linguistics) an enclitic word or linguistic form
[C17: from Late Latin encliticus, from Greek enklitikos, from enklinein to cause to lean, from en-2 + klinein to lean]
enˈclitically adv


(ɛnˈklɪt ɪk)

1. (of a word) closely connected in pronunciation with the preceding word and not having an independent accent or phonological status.
2. an enclitic word, as the form of are in we're.
[1650–60; < Late Latin encliticus < Greek enklitikós <*énclit(os), v. adj. of enklinein to cause to lean on (en- en-2 + klinein to lean1)]


[ɪnˈklɪtɪk] ADJenclítico


nEnklitikon nt


[ɪnˈklɪtɪk] adjenclitico/a
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One possibility is that T corresponds to the enclitic =arl, as assumed by the glossing so far.
In these dialects, possessive constructions with kinship terms (and a few other nouns, such as casa) are also unique, since the possessive is enclitic to the noun and the definite article does not appear.
9) The pronoun vo, the enclitic of tumhe, corresponds to the plural "you.
Light plays a role: brush away the soil, the enclitic grammar of the flesh.
Taiwanese accomplishes a similar feat by manipulating the enclitic -n, which indicates plural pronouns.
Polar interrogation is expressed by the 2nd position enclitic -a (with a slightly different meaning and distribution also -go, -son, or -sat), and in neutral-scope questions the finite verb occurs in the first position (see Moshnikoff, Moshnikoff, Koponen 2009 : 154--155).
46) See Michael Halley, "PAS A SA PLACE" (1980) 4:1 Enclitic at 97 (citing and discussing Martin Heidegger, "Letter on Humanism") ["PAS"].
Eventually, this pattern was extended to the more marginal enclitic sequence.
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2004) (recognizing the enclitic nature of law allows us a better grasp
Properly based Oun-- Gave us the doctrine of the enclitic De, Dead from the waist down.