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 (ĕn-kō′mē-ăst′, -əst)
A person who delivers or writes an encomium; a eulogist.

[Greek enkōmiastēs, from enkōmiazein, to praise, from enkōmion, encomium; see encomium.]

en·co′mi·as′tic (-ăs′tĭk), en·co′mi·as′ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl) adj.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who speaks or writes an encomium
[C17: from Greek enkōmiastēs, from enkōmiazein to utter an encomium]
enˌcomiˈastic, enˌcomiˈastical adj
enˌcomiˈastically adv


(ɛnˈkoʊ miˌæst, -əst)

a person who utters or writes an encomium; eulogist.
[1600–10; < Greek]
en•co`mi•as′tic, adj.
en•co`mi•as′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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While this perhaps implies a false dichotomy, one value of this volume is certainly the breadth of roles and relationships in which it displays Battiferra: as academician of the Intronati of Siena, as religious patron of the Florentine Jesuits, as courtly encomiast of the Medici, as imitator of Della Casa, Colonna, and Bernardo Cappello, and as poetic correspondent of Varchi, Caro, and Gabriele Fiamma.
An encomiast from Arizona was looking forward to using the book in her classes, and typing its title into one of the web's search engines reveals that it has been adopted as a coursebook around the world.
18) And at roughly the same time, the Norman encomiast of Emma, sister of Duke Richard II and wife of King Cnut, explained the name of Cnut's and Emma's son, Harthacnut, as `reproducing his father's name with an addition .
32) Theodore Beza, Calvin's successor in Geneva, calls Origen "the choice tool of the devil," and the Lutheran Magdeburg Centuriators think of John Chrysostom as "the immoderate encomiast of good works.
30) while this may actually represent Lyly's own strategy as court encomiast, it would be an act of extraordinary foolhardiness to demystify one's practice in this way.