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 (ĕn-kō′mē-ăst′, -əst)
A person who delivers or writes an encomium; a eulogist.

[Greek enkōmiastēs, from enkōmiazein, to praise, from enkōmion, encomium; see encomium.]

en·co′mi·as′tic (-ăs′tĭk), en·co′mi·as′ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl) adj.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who speaks or writes an encomium
[C17: from Greek enkōmiastēs, from enkōmiazein to utter an encomium]
enˌcomiˈastic, enˌcomiˈastical adj
enˌcomiˈastically adv


(ɛnˈkoʊ miˌæst, -əst)

a person who utters or writes an encomium; eulogist.
[1600–10; < Greek]
en•co`mi•as′tic, adj.
en•co`mi•as′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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The introduction perspicaciously portrays Boccaccio's text as a ghost to be exorcised in varying ways by its imitators: both subversive and conservative, both historicizing and moralizing, both encomiastically and blamefully exemplifying, Boccaccio's ambiguous discourses on pagan heroines could not but trigger paradoxical representations of and attitudes toward the female sex in his followers, all of whom engaged in a "revision of stereotypes" (7) according to the parameters of Renaissance court society.
At least I have spared Kamisar the brokh I recently visited upon a colleague at Illinois for whom I was called upon to perform encomiastically.
This collection of essays by his colleagues and friends gestures encomiastically toward that highly productive career in the best way possible--by making a noteworthy scholarly statement of its own.