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1. Prevalent in a particular locality, region, or population: endemic diseases of the tropics.
2. Native only to a particular locality or region: endemic birds.
3. Common in or inherent to an enterprise or situation: "All the difficulties endemic to historical research become more acute in the case of war" (Constantine Pleshakov).
1. An organism that is native only to a particular locality or region.
2. A disease that is prevalent in a particular locality, region, or population.

[From Greek endēmos, native, endemic : en-, in; see en-2 + dēmos, people; see dā- in Indo-European roots.]

en·dem′i·cal·ly adv.
en·dem′ism n.
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However, remembrances often endemically entail corresponding acts of forgetting (Huyssen 2003, 4; Ricoeur 2006, 21).
The concern is that the virus will become established endemically in native U.
ORI3 of the biovar Orientalis was introduced to Madagascar in 1898 during the third pandemic and has persisted there endemically ever since (6,7).
Then the debt crisis hit and Greece's long-standing and endemically chronic finances almost brought down the entire Eurozone.
Studies show a dairy herd endemically infected with BVD can be losing PS90 a cow a year and beef herds PS30/ cow.
That this is an appropriated cultural trope of the predominantly westernised city of Johannesburg is signified by the writer making clear that this is a version of 'white' Johannesburg known endemically to blacks as Jo'burg.
Individuals suffering mental health problems experience stigma endemically and cross-culturally (Abdullah & Brown, 2011; Donkor & Sandall, 2007 in relation to infertility; Wahl, 1999).
The mothers' troubles are compounded by the endemically poor health and economic conditions of life as a refugee.
The director took out a full-page advertisement in Mexico City-based daily newspapers La Jornada and Reforma on April 28 challenging Pena Nieto to answer 10 questions about how the government would open up the state-run oil company PEMEX to foreign investment and where the profits would go in this endemically corrupt country.
The marginalized and endemically workless working classes whose jobs and social status have fallen victim to global capitalism have lost their social standing and are increasingly stigmatized as white trash (cf.
For purposes of this Article, the businesses are nevertheless deemed to be in the informal sector, in part because they are so modest and precarious that they are hard for the government to trace and, given the endemically haphazard record-keeping, may or may not have had their activities included in the GDP.