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v. t.1.See Indite.
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The bases of the limbs have tiny projections called endites which likely led to the evolution of legs in mandibulates, as well as to the mandibles themselves.
Chelicerae orange-brown with faint dark mottling on anterior surface of paturon, with numerous white setae; 3 teeth on promargin, median tooth largest, proximal and distal teeth subequal, distal tooth situated closest to median tooth; 2 slightly separated subequal teeth on retromargin, closer to fang base than promarginal teeth; endites orange-red, cream prolaterally; labium orange-red, cream distally; sternum granulated, red, with faint black mottling (Fig.
For example, after a swift tale (overheard, of course) by Pierce, concerning a butcher and some lost calves that is shoved into one sentence, Nashe goes on in his address to the devil: "Now the owner of the Mare is in lawe with the Butcher for the losse of his Mare, and the Butcher enterchangeably endites him for his Calues.
brendae, shows remarkable modifications of the male endites, which each bears two long, narrow projections, one directed laterally and one directed posteriorly (Fig.
Chelicerae dark brown, endites dark brown with lighter tips.
Endites, 0,15 long, 0,05 wide, light brown, serrula prominent (Figs.
It is, therefore, possible that these antenna imprints are due to one of the 3 long endites of the no 1 thoracopod; probably number 5 (Fig.
At the molt to instar V, the endites and endopod became evident on the medial edge, and the exopod and epipod formed on the lateral edge of the protopodite (Fig.
1G) Endites separated by shallow notch and with multiple setae; bilobed epipod; endopod 4-segmented with 6, 3, 3, 4 setae; exopod with 14 plumose natatory setae; terminal segment with 3 terminal spines and 1 subterminal spine.