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1. Originating internally.
2. Originating or produced within an organism, tissue, or cell: endogenous hormones.

en·dog′e·nous·ly adv.
en·dog′e·ny n.


development or growth from within. — endogenicity, n.endogenous, adj.
See also: Growth
the formation of cells from within. — endogenous, adj.endogenicity, n.
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Noun1.endogeny - a geological phenomenon below the surface of the earth
geological phenomenon - a natural phenomenon involving the structure or composition of the earth
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Hypothesis 2: there is a relationship between endogeny adjectives and desire for marriage The results showed that participants with womanliness adjectives, high womanliness and androgen participants had more tendency for marriage since the womanliness features can be a reason for desire for marriage since they want to have a husband as a woman.
The inability to include these variables increases the likelihood of endogeny and limits the ability to make causal inferences.