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n.1.(Zool.) The internal or principal branch of the locomotive appendages of Crustacea. See Maxilliped.
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Individuals in the male phase (MP) were identified by the presence of prominent lateral lobes on the endopods of the first pleopods, as well as an appendix masculina located next to the appendix interna on the endopods of the second pleopods.
Humpback shrimp sex was determined by examining the endopods of the first and second pleopods (see Butler 1980).
Endopods of first pair of legs three-segmented, bearing three "setae" or "spines" at distal end.
With the absence of the labrum and concomitant modification of thoracopods into exopods and endopods, these two genera are also excluded from any of the existing poecilostome families.
major described by Rodrigues (1976) show setae and spines in the endopods of the maxillules and maxillae and, numerous setae in the maxillipeds.
These characters permitted the identification of males and females according to the presence (males) or absence (females) of gonopores on the fifth pereopods and of appendices masculinae (males) on the endopods of the second pleopods (see Bauer, 1986; Baeza, 2008; Espinoza et al.
The endopods of Mxp2-3 are elongate 5-segmented appendages with a high degree of freedom of movement, and Mxpl and Mxl-2 are flattened and arranged in dorso-ventral layers below the mandible.
Male-phase individuals (MPs) have cincinnuli (coupling hooks) on pleopod 1 endopods and appendices masculinae on pleopod 2 endopods.
The endopods of pereiopods 3 and 4 underwent proportionately more morphological change (compared with those of pereiopods 1 and 2).
When the endopods of Mxp2 and Mxp3 handle large prey items, the movements and structures involved largely depend on the size and shape of the prey.