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n. pl. en·dos·te·a (-tē-ə)
The thin layer of cells lining the medullary cavity of a bone.

[New Latin : end(o)- + Greek osteon, bone; see ost- in Indo-European roots.]

en·dos′te·al adj.
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Subsequently, an endosteal contour was segmented by delineating the endocortical boundary from the cancelleous compartment [18, 19].
The worldwide dental implants market, in terms of product type is segmented into intramucosal plants, endosteal implants, subperiosteal implants, and transosteal implants.
5 months after the index procedure showed a lytic lesion with endosteal scalloping and retained radiopaque material, likely calcium phosphate (Fig.
While androgens promote periosteal expansion, estrogens inhibit periosteal expansion in favor of endosteal bone packing (Callewaert et al.
These atypical femur fractures are characterized by their location (along the diaphysis in the region distal to the lesser trochanter), the patient's history (there may be minimal to no trauma), and the potential for "beaking" (localized periosteal or endosteal thickening of the lateral cortex).
14) This decreases endosteal perfusion resulting in avascular necrosis and an increased risk of osteomyelitis.
Rolipram, a phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor, prevented cancellous and cortical bone loss by inhibiting endosteal bone resorption and maintaining the elevated periosteal bone formation in adult ovariectomized rats.
Dexamethasone caused marked deformity in the bone tissue in the form of increased endosteal bone resorption with widening of medullary cavity and haversian canals.
17) IMN without reaming is less damaging to endosteal blood supply than nailing with reaming.
The traditional lateral approach using a Caldwell-luc osteotomy, the first main technique, where the maxillary sinus floor is grafted to provide a sufficient quantity of bone for the placement of endosteal dental implants.