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 (ĕn′dō-thûr′mĭk) also en·do·ther·mal (-məl)
1. Chemistry Characterized by or causing the absorption of heat; endoergic.
2. Biology Of or relating to an organism that generates heat to maintain its body temperature, typically above the temperature of its surroundings; warm-blooded.

en′do·ther′my n.
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Adj.1.endothermal - (of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with absorption of heat
endoergic, energy-absorbing - (of a nuclear reaction) occurring with absorption of energy
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On the contrary, with long reaction times (90-120 min), the endothermal shift due to the glass transition tends to become wider and broader, suggesting the presence of linked chains.
Perioperative Duplex Ultrasound Following Endothermal Ablation of the Saphenous Vein: Is it Worthless?
Since evaporation is an endothermal process, the different evaporation rates could be due to the different temperatures of the substrates in the plant pots (Fig.
Kabnick also presented a lecture entitled "What We Know about Endothermal Ablation of the Saphenous Trunk," which was translated in advance for Vietnamese physicians.
The first endothermal peak (665 [degrees]C) is close to the melting temperature of technical aluminium, and the second one (840 [degrees]C) is close to the melting temperature of metallic calcium.
The ClosureFAST device has significantly improved endothermal ablation with a smooth, deliberate, controlled and much swifter technique," said Robert F.