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Noun1.endowment insurance - life insurance for a specified amount which is payable to the insured person at the expiration of a certain period of time or to a designated beneficiary immediately upon the death of the insured
life assurance, life insurance - insurance paid to named beneficiaries when the insured person dies; "in England they call life insurance life assurance"
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According to the unclaimed financial asset Act such assets include bank savings and deposits, cheques and drafts, money orders and funds held or owing under any life or endowment insurance policy or annuity contract.
The growth of the segment was offset by a decline in the endowment insurance category - particularly traditional life insurance products.
Banks usually prefer to sell a product that gets them the highest commission, which is invariably an endowment insurance plan.
The portfolio portion comprises rights and obligations begans from long-term endowment (mixed life insurance) and pure endowment insurance agreements.
Ask any financial planner and he will tell you how you have erred by buying an endowment insurance plan instead of a term plan, a pure insurance product.
Endowment insurance: Endowment insurance combines protection with a systematic accumulation of capital.
has decided to postpone the sale of its new educational endowment insurance because the Financial Services Agency is unlikely to give it the go-ahead anytime soon, sources close to the matter said Tuesday.
China Life Insurance Company (NYSE: LFC) (HKG: 2628) has said that it has launched its China Life Fu Lu Xin Zun Endowment Insurance, and China Life An Xin Wu You packaged product.
I simply cannot believe that there is ever any clear-cut line by which one can say endowment insurance or whole life insurance or term insurance is the best solution to the majority of situations.
Cathay United mainly sold policies underwritten by its affiliate Cathay Life, including interest-variable annuities and six-year-term endowment insurance, with the downside being that Cathay United collected a mere 0.
The full list of West Midland winners is: International trade: Alwayse Engineering of Birmingham - manufacturers of ball transfer units' for materials handling systems; Fortress Interlocks of Wolverhampton - manufacturers of safety interlock systems for many industrial applications; JCB Service, of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire - parts and accessories for earth moving machines; JCB Backhoe Loader Business Unit of Rocester, Staffordshire - backhoe loader excavators; Land Rover - 4x4 vehicles; Leonard Simmonds Associates, of Malvern, Worcestershire - traded endowment insurance policies; TRP Sealing Systems of Hereford - manufacturers of elastomeric gaskets for heatexchangers; Thermserve of Telford, Shropshire - equipment for the aluminium industry.
Pure endowment insurance, policies whose benefits are payable on death (life insurance), endowments, and life annuities are examined in the following paragraphs.