endurance contest

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Noun1.endurance contest - any long and arduous undertakingendurance contest - any long and arduous undertaking  
project, task, undertaking, labor - any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted; "he prepared for great undertakings"
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Ahmad Al-Dawwas for his part ranked fifth in the endurance contest.
OEA will also host the 80-km Endurance Contest on August 16 at Khor Al Dahariz beach, with the participation of stables in Dhofar governorate.
OEA will also organize the Endurance Contest on August 16th for 80 km at Khor Al Dahariz beach with the participation of stables of Dhofar Governorate.
It was an endurance contest for sure," Horton said.
Readers of books by politicians with presidential ambitions is always an endurance contest, in which we are forced to struggle through long chapters with titles such as Do We Really Want to Be Like Europe?
4 Wall Street Journal reported under the headline, "Real Estate Faces a Tough Slog to Recovery," that 2010 is going to be an endurance contest for all practitioners of commercial real estate.
The cold war between Iran and the Saudi-led Sunni Arab front is translating to a financial endurance contest (see the back-ground in news7SauIrnMoneyWarFeb16-09 and news8UAE&IranFeb23-09; see the wider implications in news9Iran-WuFvsUS-Mar2-09).
The audience is not worked up over a football game or wrestling match; they're here for a verbose brawl, a battle of wits, metaphorical bloodsport, an endurance contest fought, won, and lost with the travel of words from mind to mouth to mic to the mob.
THE Brian Rix farce,guising as the Cheltenham Festival yesterday, has ensured that the nation is now set for a 10-race endurance contest where only the most highly disciplined of punters will survive to witness the KautoStar/Denman shootout.
That would be an appropriate symbol of the endurance contest Mrs.
On the warmest day of the tournament, with temperatures in the 80s, the match almost became an endurance contest.
The endurance contest begins tonight when American-born, London-based pianist Murray Perahia appears at UCLA's Royce Hall as part of UCLALive playing Beethoven, Schumann and Brahms.