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v. en·er·gized, en·er·giz·ing, en·er·giz·es
1. To give energy to; activate or invigorate: "His childhood—father in ... prison, factory work as a boy—both haunted and energized him" (Frank Conroy).
2. To supply with an electric current.
To release or put out energy.

en′er·gi′za′tion (-jī′zā′shən) n.
en′er·giz′er n.


(ˌɛnədʒaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


the act of being energized
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Tenders are invited for Sinking Of Production Well , Energization, Laying Of Pipe Line For Water Supply To Uncovered Area Of Bhagabanpur And Rameswarpur Of Dhenkanal Town Under State Plan 2017-18
NGCP said it is already operating under normal conditions following the energization of NGCP's Naga-Daraga 230kV line at 6:51 a.
With energization of this power transformer, relief would be given to consumers of Mardan by decreasing additional load shedding.
After an energization treatment using Aquatron", water can become more available to plants, since, when pumped to the device, it receives an energy charge that makes its molecules freer, promoting higher absorption (Aquatron, 2015).
With the Energization of this 132 KV Nishat-Right Bank Tarbela-GadoonAmazai-Swabi Double Circuit Transmission Line will reduced load shedding and will significant improvement in voltage and stable supply to the areas of 7 grid stations which will include 132 KV Nishatleft bank grid station (District Haripur), 132 KV Right Bank Tarbela Grid Station (District Swabi), 132 KV Gadoon Amazai Grid Station (District Swabi),132 KV Swabi grid station (District Swabi), 132 KV Dobian grid station (District Swabi),132 KV Hussai grid station (District Mardan),132 KV Daggar grid station (District Bunir which will facilitate people of Swabi, Haripur, Bunir and Mardan.
When I started teaching myself the pranayama energization exercises I did them mentally, since I could not stand.
Many of the power capacity additions for the Luzon grid will be coming from Batangas, but wheeling their generated electricity will no longer be a problem following the energization of the uprated 230-kilovolt Lumban-Bay transmission line of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines.
We will leverage the recent energization of M & S within the training, analysis, acquisition, and test and evaluation communities in concert with the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System and the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium.
According to PESCO statement, with the energization of these power transformers, the complaints of low voltage, tripping and frequent power breakdowns would be addressed.
The backbone of the country's power transmission highway in Mindanao has finally been completed with the looping and energization of the 230-kilovolt (kV) Abaga-Kirahon line.