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 (ŏn′flə-räzh′, -räj′)
A process in making perfume in which odorless fats or oils absorb the fragrance of fresh flowers.

[French, from enfleurer, to saturate with the perfume of flowers : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + fleur, flower (from Old French flour, from Latin flōs, flōr-; see bhel- in Indo-European roots).]


(Crafts) the process of exposing odourless oils to the scent of fresh flowers, used in perfume-making
[C19: literally: inflowering]


(ˌɑ̃ fləˈrɑʒ)

a process of extracting perfumes by exposing odorless oils or fats to the exhalations of flowers.
[1850–55; < French, =enfleur(er) to impregnate with scent of flowers]
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The younger Polge, who was raised in Grasse, France, with enfleurage in his veins, swanned into the Chanel fold having already formulated several blockbusters.
The flavours have been captured by maceration, distillation, expression and enfleurage.
Enfleurage consists of placing flower petals on a layer of glass spread with a thin layer of fat.
There are several processes for plant extraction like hydro distillation, steam distillation, hydro diffusion, enfleurage, maceration, liquid carbon dioxide extraction, etc.
The text also describes the preparation of civet: after repeated washing with water and then lime juice, filtering and washing with rose water, it is smeared inside a cup and placed overnight over a floral extract (a version of the process of perfuming by diffusion called enfleurage in French, vasana in Sanskrit, see n.
Now she has launched a company here in Oman called Enfleurage Middle East, and hopes to be producing the ice cream on a larger scale by February.
Trygve experienced more good news earlier this month when her company, Enfleurage Middle East, was finally registered in Oman.