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tr.v. en·gar·land·ed, en·gar·land·ing, en·gar·lands
To encircle or deck with or as if with a garland.


vb (tr)
to cover or surround with a garland


(ɛnˈgɑr lənd)

to encircle with or as if with a garland.
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It continues: oWith the objective of engarlanding the reconciled persons, the valiant, heroic and valorous troops of the 57th and 58th Divisions approached diligently, courageously with might and main and without a wink of sleep from the Southern direction and tranversed scrubs, impassable moats, quagmires and demolishing dreadful traps and the troops of the 53rd and 56th Divisions advanced from the Northern Direction, converged on this historical place of Elephant Pass and liberated the long path of brotherhood with a magnitude of force annihilating terrorism and social disparities on the 10th January 2009.