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v. en·gorged, en·gorg·ing, en·gorg·es
1. To devour greedily.
2. To gorge; glut.
3. To fill to excess, as with blood or other fluid.
To feed ravenously.

[French engorger, from Old French engorgier : en-, in; see en-1 + gorge, throat; see gorge.]

en·gorge′ment n.
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Noun1.engorgement - congestion with blood; "engorgement of the breast"
hyperaemia, hyperemia - increased blood in an organ or other body part
2.engorgement - eating ravenously or voraciously to satiation
eating, feeding - the act of consuming food


The condition of being full to or beyond satisfaction:
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The first radiographic sign of hydrostatic imbalance is engorgement of the pulmonary veins, reflecting an elevation in left ventricular end-diastolic pressure (LVEDP).
The arousal and erection of the nipple occurs in exactly the same way in olderwomen as it does in younger ones, although engorgement of the areola (the pigmented area around the nipples) is not as intense as in younger women.
pregnancy and puberty) are associated with nasal mucosal engorgement and obstruction.
Patients with peripheral varicose veins experience maximum venous engorgement in their legs when they are standing, and Upright(TM) MR venography for the evaluation of peripheral venous insufficiency would provide the most useful assessment of peripheral venous competency.
After mosquito engorgement, the tips of the tails of 29 mice were severed and immediately homogenized in 300 [micro]L of Eagle's minimal essential medium (MEM) supplemented with 20% fetal bovine serum (FBS) in a Mixer Mill 300 (Retsch Inc.
That explanation made sense then and, of all things, it made sense again on the night when, wide-awake from the stimulus of all that narrative engorgement, I lay out of doors till dawn.
It can also help maintain a mother's milk supply, relieve engorgement, and create a backup stash for the freezer.
There are many ocular features and complications of retinopathy of prematurity including: avascularity of the peripheral retina, extra-retinal fibrovascular proliferation, vitreous haemorrhage, retinal detachment, leukocoria, and engorgement of retinal and iris vessels.
The demonstrators raised the Palestinian flags denouncing the Israeli occupation crimes of demolishing homes under the pretext of having no building permit, in addition to the constant engorgement of the Palestinian villages.
Over the past 15 years, drugs affecting vaginal blood flow have been tested on women deemed to be suffering from FSD due to "insufficient vaginal engorgement.
I saw the engorgement subsiding, and it was gone within a few days.
Reduced body odor, reduced bloating ,reduced headache, reduced breast engorgement ,reduced restless leg syndrome, reduced arthritis and improved lubrication of eyes.