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tr.v. en·grossed, en·gross·ing, en·gross·es
1. To occupy exclusively; absorb: a novel that engrosses every reader.
2. To acquire most or all of (a commodity); monopolize (a market).
a. To write or transcribe in a large, clear hand.
b. To write or print the final draft of (an official document).

[Middle English engrossen, to collect in large quantity, monopolize, from Old French engrossier, from en gros, in large quantity : en, in (from Latin in; see in-2) + gros, large; see gross. Sense 3, from Middle English engrossen, to make a finished copy of a legal document, from Anglo-Norman engrosser, from Medieval Latin ingrossāre : Latin in-, in; see en-1 + grossa, a copy in a large hand (from Late Latin grossus, thick).]

en·gross′er n.
en·gross′ment n.
Synonyms: engross, absorb, consume, preoccupy
These verbs mean to possess or control exclusively: Her reading engrosses her. Studying absorbs all my time. Fear has consumed her. Financial worries preoccupied him.


1. (Law) a deed or other document that has been engrossed
2. the state of being engrossed


(ɛnˈgroʊs mənt)

1. the act of engrossing.
2. the state of being engrossed or absorbed.


1. a document or other piece of writing in a large, bold hand.
2. a formal document, as a proclamation, suitably written in a calligraphic hand and often illuminated. — engrosser, n.
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Noun1.engrossment - complete attentionengrossment - complete attention; intense mental effort
attention - the faculty or power of mental concentration; "keeping track of all the details requires your complete attention"
centering, focus, focusing, focussing, focal point, direction - the concentration of attention or energy on something; "the focus of activity shifted to molecular biology"; "he had no direction in his life"
specialism - the concentration of your efforts on a particular field of study or occupation
study - a state of deep mental absorption; "she is in a deep study"
2.engrossment - the mental state of being preoccupied by somethingengrossment - the mental state of being preoccupied by something
cognitive state, state of mind - the state of a person's cognitive processes
abstractedness, abstraction - preoccupation with something to the exclusion of all else
absentmindedness - preoccupation so great that the ordinary demands on attention are ignored
3.engrossment - the quality of being intent and concentrated; "the intentness of his gaze"
assiduity, assiduousness, concentration - great and constant diligence and attention


Total occupation of the attention or of the mind:
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The serial lying, bullying provocations, juvenile name-calling, lack of intellectual engrossment and pathetic narcissism represent leadership at its worst.
These end products of research are manifestations of the emotions of frustrations, joy, delirium, creativity and engrossment.
The measure passed to engrossment on a 20-11 party-line vote after several Democrats asked Hughes why he thought the measure was wise despite being opposed by pediatric, faith-based and immigrant rights groups.
Computer Emergency Response Team, TRA, stated, "The engrossment of game users
Adel Al Muhairi, Manager, National Computer Emergency Response Team, TRA, stated, "The engrossment of game users into these games could possibly lead them to unknown places where unlawful criminals could be waiting for them.
The engrossment of game users into these games could possibly lead them to unknown places where unlawful criminals could be waiting for them," said Adel Al Muhairi, manager, National Computer Emergency Response Team, TRA.
From a game perspective, Brown and Cairns (2004) discuss the idea of categorizing immersion into three levels of involvement: Engagement, Engrossment, and Total immersion.
The other EU member states such as United Kingdom, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Baltic states have different center of interests like UK is interested in Central Asia for the financial and monetary services, Italy for the industrial sectors and textiles development, Romania and Bulgaria for the energy services whereas Baltic states and Poland has had keen engrossment and heed and performed as shipment fulcrum and opening channel for the Central Asian exports.
When I mention Parker's engrossment with Blaine's sleights of hand at that dinner to Hannah Jones, Nike's chief sustainability officer, she shows little surprise.
Offering repeated engrossment with the experience, SourceFQ continues to fetch success for thousands who seek to promote his or her own company and respond to opportunities.
Drawn in and even subsumed by rhythm and tempo, audiences may have been little aware of their own engrossment.
As I see it, Frankenthaler's art shows scant engrossment with the idioms of the decorative.