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tr.v. en·gulfed, en·gulf·ing, en·gulfs
To swallow up or overwhelm by or as if by overflowing and enclosing: The spring tide engulfed the beach houses.

en·gulf′ment n.
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The student's inability to recognize and deal with discrimination, a poor academic self-concept, and role engulfment are variables that may perpetuate the student's isolation from the academic community.
The child can protest or separate without fear of abandonment, and return to intimacy without fear of engulfment.
Purdue's Agricultural Safety and Health Program (ASHP) staff recently documented fatal and non-fatal engulfment cases occurring in farm grain bins from 1966 to 1998.
Indeed, beginning with Moses's funeral,John increasingly finds his mother an oppressive presence, and he subsequently associates her with images of engulfment typical of a castration fear.
Psychoanalysis, literature, and Western culture generally have found a metaphor for identity crisis or ego loss in various images of captivity, darkness, and maternal engulfment, in which the psychic isolation experienced by the individual is symbolized by his physical isolation.
What Jarrell has written is not a story about an objectively "awful" mother, but about a child's fear of (and nostalgia for) maternal engulfment.
In a few brief, affecting scenes she captures the isolation, rapture and utter engulfment of motherhood in that milieu, and evokes the anguish and insult of unrealized ambitions that were the common predicament of bohemian wives.
The implementation will be gravity but the filling material can be conveyed to the point of engulfment by a pump if the topographical and / or accessibility imposent.
A continuation seemed likely, but Wednesday's full bearish engulfment on the GBPUSD suggests that we may be trading back within the range with first support based at 1.
OSHA wants companies working in CS-PRCSs to install some sort of early-warning system to alert attendants monitoring a CS-PRCS and authorized entrants that an engulfment hazard may be developing.
This new view could have medical importance if physicians learn how to prevent the rapid engulfment of seemingly dying cells.