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tr.v. en·isled, en·isl·ing, en·isles
1. To make into an island.
2. To set apart from others; isolate.
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Currently owned by a Top Celebrity Designer this shoppe is enisled between 2 High-End Restaurants, the foot traffic produces a base of very selective and affluent clients.
In northern Canada, NCC 6996 is a portion of the Milky Way enisled by dark nebulae.
Within the common iconography of an enisled nation, priding itself on its maritime prowess, the storm-swept tower signifies both hazard and hope, the danger of shipwreck and the promise of salvation.
Isolation becomes cosmic indeed in "To Marguerite--Continued," which figures human beings as "in the sea of life enisled," between whom flows "The unplumbed, salt, estranging sea" ordained by God (ll.