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An authoritative request or injunction: an enjoinder not to swim when the lifeguard was off duty.

[From enjoin (modeled on rejoinder).]


an order or obligation


(ɛnˈdʒɔɪn dər)

1. a prohibition by injunction.
2. an emphatic directive or order.
[1890–95; derivative of enjoin, after rejoinder]
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Law 1991) and from Annelise Riles's (2005) enjoinder to rediscover legal technicalities and take them seriously as objects of inquiry (see also Latour 2005).
Repeating this enjoinder to see through the eyes of others several times in this section, Joyce emphasizes how crucial reciprocal vision is to Bloom's burgeoning awareness.
He fails to understand that the theory violates the prophet's enjoinder, "Woe to those who call evil good" (Isa 5:20).
Prefiguring Lizardi's satirical derision of creole laziness and excessively effete nature (and Rousseau's enjoinder to build children's strength by bathing them in ice-cold water), Creslos Jache's manuscript invokes the Greek myth of Salmacis; the nymph who tempts Hermaphrodite into her fountain, thereby exhausting, debilitating, and emasculating the son of Mercury and Venus.
Citing portions of a Conference Committee report attending the 1972 amendments to Title VII, the Court noted the report's enjoinder that courts "'fashion the most complete relief possible'" and found in it "emphatic confirmation that federal courts are empowered to fashion such relief as the particular circumstances of a case may require to effect restitution, making whole insofar as possible the victims of racial discrimination in hiring.
Oddly, this enjoinder is dissonant with Adam's moderate but interspersed reservations about the virtues of "progressive law," the International Crime Commission, and the various truth commissions that have sprung into existence to promote "access to the truth.
While the homogenous characterization of the Humanities and the concept of 'theoretical spin' might cause some problems, the manifesto nature of the final article enables these potentially contentious categories to function within an overall enjoinder to lift 'the pall of unproductive repetition' (Bono et al.
Chapter four taps into Forster's interest in epistemology as evident in A Passage to India, while chapter five, perhaps one of the strongest chapters in the book, considers Lawrence's enjoinder that fiction is philosophy and that gender situations can constitute a substitute metaphysics altogether.
For Ty, his father's expression and enjoinder are signs of how to gain his father's approval, and he remembers feeling a warm tingle up my spine.
You may remember the enjoinder last month to provide adequate coverage of press releases and backgrounders at your company Web site, with the additional warning by Marydee Ojala, editor of ONLINE, to make sure the formatting didn't interfere with email transmission.
This collective inability to witness Galapago/Lorca's presence takes on an ethical enjoinder in that, unlike Joaquin, neither Granada nor Spain is willing to accept the responsibility that such a witnessing implies.
A major newspaper in April 2006 began an article critical of Rugby administration with the enjoinder to "Listen up.