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tr.v. en·no·bled, en·no·bling, en·no·bles
1. To make noble: "that chastity of honor ... which ennobled whatever it touched, and under which vice itself lost half its evil" (Edmund Burke).
2. To confer nobility upon: ennoble a prime minister for distinguished service.

[Middle English *ennoblen, from Old French ennoblir : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + noble, noble; see noble.]

en·no′ble·ment n.
en·no′bler n.
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Noun1.ennoblement - the state of being noble
condition, status - a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"
2.ennoblement - the act of raising someone to the nobility
promotion - act of raising in rank or position


The act of raising to a high position or status or the condition of being so raised:
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To pay the price out of sheer heart-love that could recognize no price too great to pay, had been the ennoblement of Dag Daughtry which Michael had worked.
Foremost among them was the Swede, Carl Linnaeus (also known by his ennoblement, Carl von Linne), who dispatched apostles across the globe to collect botanical and zooiogical specimens.
A fan of Black Sabbath has released a new video calling for his ennoblement, to spread the word about the campaign Helen Maidiotis, from Sydney, Australia, created the clip - and more than 3,000 people have signed her petition, which she plans to send to the British government department in charge of honours.
MANY former Labour MPs sitting in the House of Lords have sold out their principles for ennoblement and privilege.
AFTER victory at Trafalgar, glory, ennoblement, a monument, a place in history and the status of North East legend went to Admiral Lord Collingwood.
2000 has been offered to families of girls to calss-6 to class-10 and special allowances and other facilities have been offered for overcoming teachers shortage in these backward areas that resulted in increase ratio of girls ennoblement.
By drawing the audience's attention to the efficiency and delightful refinement of language, the Novellino is committed to the project of civilizing human intercourse and to the ascending cities' urge for ennoblement.
The book documents the way in which Adonis, during his career as an education advisor to the Blair government and then as a Minister after his ennoblement, undertook a 'complete reinvention of the comprehensive school'.
There is also an ennoblement that accompanies the rhythmic alteration of the day and the night (Q 2:164) and the regularities in the movement of the sun, which traverses its course by the decree of the All-Knowing; and the moon--[for which God] has made stations [to traverse], till it becomes like an old [and withered] stalk of date-palm (Q 33:38-39).
Yet his point of view results in a subtle verminization of certain targeted groups and a consequent ennoblement of the forces of order.
Spicer redeems "this goddamned wheelbarrow" from Williams's tacit ennoblement and places it back into the state of its nothing-specialness from which emanated its original (and originary) thing-ness.
But any suggestions of my ennoblement are premature.