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n. pl. e·no·kis

[Short for enokitake.]


(ɛˈnɒk i)

a thin, long-stemmed and tiny-capped edible white mushroom, Flamma velutipes, native to Japan.
[1975–80; < Japanese enoki(-take)=enoki hackberry, Chinese nettle tree + take mushroom]
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Enokis, however, are grown in sawdust in the dark, resulting in light-starved mushrooms with long, thin stems and tiny caps that look more like bean sprouts than fungi.
Cut about 1/4 inch off the stem ends, except the enokis, which should be separated at the stem end from the base.
The most common is the cultivated white mushroom, but other popular ones include the shiitake, oyster, enoki, cremini and portabella.
The fresh enokis look like the little antennae worn by Ray Walston in the old television series ``My Favorite Martian.
The Green House Mushrooms - Fresh Enoki Mushrooms, and Dehydrated Portabello, Lobster, and Stir-Fry and Pasta Gourmet Mushroom Blends; $1.
Portabellas are classed with the exotics: shiitake, enokis, oyster mushrooms, and others, all of which possess unique flavors and textures.
5-ounce package enoki mushrooms In a large, deep skillet, combine the onions and 1/2 cup water.