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adj. & adv. Archaic

[Middle English, variant of enogh; see enough.]


adj, adv
an archaic word for enough


(ɪˈnaʊ, ɪˈnoʊ)

adj., adv. Archaic.
[before 1050; Middle English inow, Old English genōg]
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They sit up all night together continually, and Hindley has been borrowing money on his land, and does nothing but play and drink: I heard only a week ago - it was Joseph who told me - I met him at Gimmerton: "Nelly," he said, "we's hae a crowner's 'quest enow, at ahr folks'.
I might have eaten my bread dry,'' said the King, ``had I not pressed thee on the score of archery, but now have I dined like a prince if we had but drink enow.
But there are pine-trees enow," suggested the lieutenant.
An' haven't you got Methodists enow at Treddles'on to go and look at, if church-folks's faces are too handsome to please you?
I told you there was folks enow t' help i' this parish, wi'out going further off.
But before the sun set, he found them enow to give him the chase with infinite slaughter.
I think that six broad pennies will buy food enow for a dozen men," said the Tanner.
Is it not enow to make a man's heart dance to see this noble Company, such valiant men-at-arms, such lusty archers?
No, truly," said the gossip, "I hope not, though I fancy we have sluts enow too.
She were a young lass - pretty enow - wi' good accounts of herseln.
No, Miss, a fine way off that," said Bob, with pitying smile; "Mumps is as fine a cross as you'll see anywhere along the Floss, an' I'n been up it wi' the barge times enow.
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