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en·rap·ture  (ĕn-răp′chər)
tr.v. en·rap·tured, en·rap·tur·ing, en·rap·tures
To fill with rapture or delight.

en·rap′ture·ment n.
Synonyms: enrapture, entrance2, ravish, thrill, transport
These verbs mean to have a powerful, agreeable, and often overwhelming emotional effect on someone: enraptured by the music; scenery that entranced us; a painting that ravished the eye; thrilled by their success; transported with joy.

enrapture (ɪnˈræptʃə)
1. (tr) to fill with delight; enchant

en•rap•ture (ɛnˈræp tʃər)

v.t. -tured, -tur•ing.
to move to rapture; delight beyond measure.
en•rap′tured•ly, adv.
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Verb1.enrapture - hold spellboundenrapture - hold spellbound                      
delight, please - give pleasure to or be pleasing to; "These colors please the senses"; "a pleasing sensation"
enrapture [ɪnˈræptʃəʳ] VTembelesar, extasiar

enrapture [ɪnˈræptʃər] vt (= enchant) → éblouir, émerveiller
to be enraptured by sth/sb → être ébloui(e) par qch/qn, être émerveillé(e) par qch/qn


enrapture [ɪnˈræptʃəʳ] vtestasiare, rapire

enrapture (inˈrӕptʃə) verb
to give delight to.

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Embers Of The Dead is filled with enveloping plot changes involving murder, Nazi death camp rememberance, drugs, illegal imigration and prostitution, sure to enrapture the reader and very highly recommended to the realistic-fiction, mystery-thriller and general readers for its more than consuming plot.
FANS of Space NK's Bath and Body collection will be pleased to know they have added two new fragrances to the range Expression and Compelling to join Laughter, Soulful, Stillness and Enrapture.
He is a romantic who doesn't hesitate to use love in the face of danger to enrapture his audience.
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