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(ĕn-snâr′) also in·snare (ĭn-)
tr.v. en·snared, en·snar·ing, en·snares also in·snared or in·snar·ing or in·snares
To take or catch in or as if in a snare; trap. See Synonyms at catch.

en·snare′ment n.
en·snar′er n.
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The condition of being entangled or implicated:
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Ensnarement into the system sets into motion a cyclical arrest-incarceration process which few African Americans manage to escape.
Although the Court does not defer to Congress's certification as to a bill's origins, its understanding of "bills for raising revenue" and other interpretations of the Clause avoid judicial ensnarement in the legislative process.
The handling of the case involving former Worcester Police Officer Neil Shea and his ensnarement in a sting operation targeting sex predators might have some wondering whether the priority of law enforcement is to protect and serve the community, or to protect and serve itself.
The wholesale ensnarement of private communications by the federal government violates the basic rights of Americans.
with freeing a whale caught in his fishing net, rather than reporting the ensnarement to federal authorities so that they could free the whale instead, in violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, 16 U.
To avoid ensnarement by the Travel Act and the FCPA, companies with affiliates, parents, or other agency relationships in the U.
Whence there are three fountains of injustice; namely, mere force, a malicious ensnarement under colour of law, and harshness of the law itself.
It can be read as a surreal adventure story, moving forward with the style and pace of a computer game, where the characters have to outwit ensnarement by Miss Mople.
The ensnarement of the observer is a prominent concept.