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or en·sor·cel  (ĕn-sôr′səl)
tr.v. en·sor·celled, en·sor·cel·ling, en·sor·cells or en·sor·celed or en·sor·cel·ing or en·sor·cels
To enchant; bewitch.

[French ensorceler, from Old French ensorcerer, ensorceler : en-, intensive pref.; see en-1 + sorcier, sorcerer; see sorcerer.]

en·sor′cell·ment n.


vb (tr)
to enchant


or en•sor•cel

(ɛnˈsɔr səl)

v.t. -celled or -celed, -cell•ing or -cel•ing.
to bewitch.
[1535–45; < Middle French ensorceler to bewitch. See en-1, sorcerer]
en•sor′cell•ment, n.
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The temptation in this world is almost reversed; Anya is aware of the evil and seeks to avoid it, but her efforts are flawed and she is endangered by her own ensorcelment.
The first myth concerns the symbolic rape and ensorcelment of Queen Manikapala, the wife of the first World Ruler, King Mahasammata.