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a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to, or situated near, central or deep parts; inner; - opposed to ectal.
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ENTAL disease is a common problem in our pets and can lead to a variety of health issues.
M ENTAL health has been big news during the last couple of weeks and for the many charities and individuals that work to raise the general public's awareness of the issue Christmas came early this year.
ental n r esent % p HEALTHales At present fewer than 25% of people signed up to Health-Wise Wales are male.
Unilateral Pallidal stimulation for seg, ental cervical and truncal dystonia: which side?
Criteria on which entries were evaluated included: Design & Quality (Exterior & Interior), Emotional Appeal & Driver SatisA[degrees] faction, Handling and Drivability, Value for Money (New Purchase & Resale), Safety & Durability, Comfort & Practicality, PerforA[degrees] mance & Capability, EnvironmA[degrees] ental Friendly, Technological Innovation and Regional Appeal.
Sin embargo en los paises anglosajones podemos ver mucha mas libertad y carencia de todo tipo de obligacion en la asistencia o participacion ental tipo de celebraciones.
D ental Council of India ( DCI), working in close coordination with the ministry of health and family welfare, is pushing hard to improve dental education in the country.
Lubitz had a long history o f m ental i llness, a nd t he authorities believe he set out to hide his depression from his airline bosses.
Asghar Shah has claimed launching 24 hours services delivery in 4 major health facilities as THQ hospital Pacha in tehsil Daggar,RHC Dewana Baba in tehsil Gagra ,CH Nawagai in tehsil Mandan and CHTotalai in tehsil Totalai converted on solar energy besides provision of specialist,medical officers, ental officers,nurses,technicians, modern tools and standard medicines besides renovation,sanitation and children park facilities.
34 A number of risk factors have been cited in literature for early childhood caries that include; prolonged or at-will breast feeding prolonged/ frequent/nocturnal bottle feeding family size or the child's birth order oral hygiene practices dietary habits and timing/reason for child's first ental visit.