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n. pl. en·ta·moe·bas or en·ta·moe·bae (-bē)
Any of several parasitic amoebas of the genus Entamoeba, especially E. histolytica, causing dysentery and ulceration of the colon and liver.

[New Latin Entamoeba, genus name : ent(o)- + amoeba.]


(ˌɛntəˈmiːbə) ,






n, pl -bae (-biː) or -bas
(Animals) any parasitic amoeba of the genus Entamoeba (or Endamoeba), esp E. histolytica, which lives in the intestines of humans and causes amoebic dysentery
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Incluem-se aqui as entamoebas, os flagelados intestinais, o Enterobius, o sarcoptes da sarna, etc.
Dentre as especies de enteroparasitas que foram encontradas nos exames das amostras dos individuos pesquisados, a maior prevalencia foi Endolimax nana (6,5%), Entamoeba coli (6,3%) e Giardia intestinalis (3,5%)
A prevalencia de enteroparasitoses nos individuos pesquisados foi de 16%; houve predominio dos parasitos Endolimax nana (6,5%), Entamoeba coli (63%) e Giardia intestinalis (3,5%).
A new medium for the axenic cultivation of Entamoeba histolytica and other Entamoebas.
The anti-amoebic activities of the pure compound R/J/3 was investigated against the HM1 strain of Entamoeba histolytica.
Keywords: Pluchea indica; Chromatography; Anti-amoebic; Entamoeba histolytica; Lysis
A Giardia lamblia gene encoding a short Fe-hydrogenase was identified from shotgun genomic sequences, and RT-PCR showed that cultured entamoebas and giardias transcribe short Fe-hydrogenase mRNAs.
Entamoebas have a mitochondrion-derived organelle called the crypton or mitosome, while the giardial gene encoding a 60-kDa chaperonin appears to be endosymbiont-derived, but no organelle has been identified (Clark and Roger, 1995; Roger et al.
With the goal of understanding better the biochemistry and evolution of Fe-hydrogenases of entamoebas and diplomonads, we performed the following studies.