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 (ĕn-tĕr′ĭk) also en·ter·al (ĕn′tər-əl)
Of, relating to, or being within the intestine.


(ɛnˈtɛrɪk) or


(Physiology) intestinal
[C19: from Greek enterikos, from enteron intestine]
ˈenterally adv


(ɛnˈtɛr ɪk)

1. of or pertaining to the enteron; intestinal.
2. enterics, enterobacteria.
[1865–70; < Greek]
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Adj.1.enteric - of or relating to the enteron
2.enteric - of or relating to or inside the intestines; "intestinal disease"


A. ADJentérico
B. CPD enteric fever Nfiebre f entérica


adjDarm-; enteric infectionDarmentzündung f


, enteric
a. entérico-a, rel. al intestino;
___ nutritionnutrición ___.


adj entérico; enteric-coated con cubierta entérica
References in classic literature ?
Here I rallied, and had already improved so far as to be able to walk about the wards, and even to bask a little upon the verandah, when I was struck down by enteric fever, that curse of our Indian possessions.
One night three troops of our squadron were ordered to a certain point whither they had patrolled the previous week; but our own particular troop was to stay behind, and in charge of no other than the villanous corporal, both our officer and sergeant having gone into hospital with enteric.
M2 PHARMA-June 6, 2017-BD awarded US FDA 510(K) clearance for molecular test for harmful intestinal bacteria under the BD MAX enteric panel portfolio
enterica isolates obtained from blood cultures of clinically suspected cases of enteric fever seen in Lord Buddha Hospital (Central Hospital) and Associated Hospital, Lord Buddha Koshi Medical College, a tertiary care center in Koshi Region (Northern Bihar), from December 2013 to December 2015 were included in the study.
Mediastinal enteric cysts are a rare occurrence among adults and are usually asymptomatic.
The platform provides enteric protection without the need for functional coatings.
The Verigene Enteric Pathogens Test (EP) (510(k) cleared) is a multiplexed, automated test for the detection of the most common causes of acute gastroenteritis, including Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, Vibrio, Yersinia enterocolitica, Shiga Toxin 1, Shiga Toxin 2, Norovirus, and Rotavirus.
Officials logged 107 cases of infectious diseases including - civilians: scarlet fever, 13; diphtheria, eight; enteric fever (typhoid) , seven; meningitis, five; erysipelas, 14.
Enteric fever is one of the common causes of fever in children with varied presentations.
The global enteric disease testing market is expected to reach USD 4.
4]) production by enteric fermentation in ruminants is recognized as one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide [1].
Molecular diagnostics company Genetic Signatures Ltd has announced that it has receded Australian and European regulatory approval for its Enteric Viral Detection solution.