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n. pl. en·ter·os·to·mies
Surgical construction of an opening in the intestine through the abdominal wall.

en′ter·os′to·mal adj.


(Surgery) relating to enterostomy
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Telephone follow-up for patients returning home with colostomies: Views and experiences of patients and enterostomal nurses.
The Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy (CAET) is a not-for-profit association promoting high nursing standards for the care of wound, ostomy and continence patients.
Ideally, an enterostomal therapy nurse (EOTN) or a wound, ostomy, and continence nurse (WOCN) should be consulted to perform preoperative evaluation, select the ostomy site, and provide in-depth patient education (Gonzalez, 2015; Stelton et al.
Ostomy Care and Management Nursing Order Set Practice Recommendations Action-Oriented Nursing Interventions Pre-operative education should Teach about basic stoma care be provided to all clients and and management pre-operatively families requiring ostomy surgery Stoma site marking should be Refer to Enterostomal Therapy performed on all clients Nurse for pre-operative stoma undergoing ostomy surgery site marking Progressive Muscle Relaxation Promote use of Progressive Therapy (PMRT) should be Muscle Relaxation Training offered to clients undergoing (PMRT) beginning post-op day 5 ostomy surgery as part of routine care.
Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy, "OUT OF THE BOX 2015": Create--Lead--Innovate
She became the treasurer of the enterostomal therapy committee when the national section was first formed.
Springfield; the speaker will be Laurie Everts, an enterostomal therapy nurse at Sacred Heart; the support group is for those affected by Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, including family or friends of people with diabetes; 541-222-3705.
At each study site, an enterostomal therapist, who routinely provides stoma care, provided the stoma education.
You may be referred to an enterostomal therapist (a health care professional, often a nurse, trained to help people with their colostomies) as part of your initial workup.
Additionally, caring for patients with wounds is more efficient for physicians and enterostomal therapy (ET) nurse specialists, as they can view the image of the wound prior to the initial visit in order to decide on treatment options and bring needed supplies.
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