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en·trance 1

1. The act or an instance of entering.
2. A means or point by which to enter.
3. Permission or power to enter; admission: gained entrance to medical school.
4. The point, as in a musical score, at which a performer begins.
5. The first entry of an actor into a scene.
6. Nautical The immersed part of a ship's hull forward of the middle body.

[Middle English entraunce, right to enter, from Old French, from entrer, to enter; see enter.]

en·trance 2

tr.v. en·tranced, en·tranc·ing, en·tranc·es
1. To put into a trance.
2. To fill with delight, wonder, or enchantment: a child who was entranced by a fairy tale. See Synonyms at charm.

en·trance′ment n.
en·tranc′ing·ly adv.


having been filled with delight to the exclusion of anything else. See also entrance2
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Adj.1.entranced - filled with wonder and delightentranced - filled with wonder and delight  
enchanted - influenced as by charms or incantations


[ɪnˈtrɑːnst] adjfasciné(e)
For three hours we sat entranced → Nous sommes restés assis pendant trois heures, fascinés.
I became entranced with the idea → Cette idée a commencé à m'obséder.
see also entranceentrance examination entrance exam nexamen m d'entrée, examen m d'admissionentrance fee n (to club)droit m d'inscription; (to museum)droit m d'entréeentrance hall n [house, hotel] → hall m d'entréeentrance ramp n (US) (to motorway)bretelle f d'accèsentrance requirements npl (for university)conditions fpl d'admission
References in classic literature ?
She sat entranced through `Robin Hood' and hung upon the lips of the contralto who sang, `Oh, Promise Me
Meanwhile, as we thus lay entranced, the occasional sudden frantic spectacles in the distance evinced the activity of the other boats, still engaged in drugging the whales on the frontier of the host; or possibly carrying on the war within the first circle, where abundance of room and some convenient retreats were afforded them.
Rebecca sat entranced, having been given the key of another world.
The strong blast and the soft breeze; the rough and the halcyon day; the hours of sunrise and sunset; the moonlight and the clouded night, developed for me, in these regions, the same attraction as for them--wound round my faculties the same spell that entranced theirs.
It passed rapidly, as may be supposed, to one entranced as I was; and yet it gave me so many occasions for knowing Steerforth better, and admiring him more in a thousand respects, that at its close I seemed to have been with him for a much longer time.
I used to sing it with Gurth, once my playfellow, and now, by the grace of God and his master, no less than a freemen; and we once came by the cudgel for being so entranced by the melody, that we lay in bed two hours after sunrise, singing the ditty betwixt sleeping and waking my bones ache at thinking of the tune ever since.
Nature had favored him with a splendid physique and a handsome face, and also with sufficient good judgment to appreciate that while he might enjoy the contemplation of his superiority to the masses, there was little likelihood of the masses being equally entranced by the same cause.
But for the twittering of the sparrows and the crunching of his own feet upon the frozen snow, the whole windless world of air hung over him entranced, and the stillness weighed upon his mind with a horror of solitude.
If he had been the most heaven-taught minstrel in the whole world, on whose lips all hearers hang entranced, I could not have been more charmed as I sat in my hut and listened to him.