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A jump in ballet during which the dancer crosses the legs a number of times, alternately back and forth.

[French, from earlier entrechas, alteration (influenced by entre, between, and chasse, chase) of Italian (capriola) intrecciata, intricate (caper), feminine past participle of intrecciare, to intertwine : in-, in (from Latin; see in-2) + treccia, tress; see tress.]


(French ɑ̃trəʃa)
(Ballet) a leap in ballet during which the dancer repeatedly crosses his feet or beats them together
[C18: from French, from earlier entrechase, changed by folk etymology from Italian (capriola) intrecciata, literally: entwined (caper), from intrecciare to interlace, from in-2 + treccia tress]


(Fr. ɑ̃ trəˈʃa)

n., pl. -chats (Fr. -ˈʃa)
a ballet jump in which the dancer crosses the feet repeatedly while in the air.
[1765–75; < French, alter. of Italian (capriola) intrecciata intwined (caper)]


A jump in fifth in which the legs are crossed and uncrossed at the lower calf. Entrechats are numbered not by the beats but by the number of positions taken by the legs, even numbers land in fifth, odd on one foot. Nijinsky reportedly reached entrechat dix (ten).
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Brendan I auditioned for the company--she says my entrechat will haunt her forevermore.
La danse, permettant au corps, le temps d'un entrechat, de se liberer des contingences et de s'elever, a l'image d'un souffle, a l'image d'une ame, est, declare Pierre-Marie Miroux dans "Danser et boiter dans l'oeuvre de Celine", passage, ascension vers un monde feerique" (205).
Which British ballet dancer performed the world's first six-beat entrechat (crossing the legs six times in mid-air) in 1973?
From developpe and entrechat (bare branches and frozen tears), Giselle.
By the same token an entrechat in ballet (the criss-crossing of the calves in a vertical jump) can convey elation, or it can register ('unsemantically') as a lacing pattern in its own right.
Theirs is a veritable entrechat dix of scholarship on the ever more crowded stage of ballet studies.
Renowned for his incredible jump and spin, he set a world record in 1973 after completing an entrechat douze - a jump with six beats.
Wilde, a teacher at Saratoga Summer Dance Intensive and former artistic director of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, notes that when she guest teaches company classes, "most of the women don't do any kind of real entrechat cinq or entrechat six de volee.
Which ballet dancer was the first to perform a six-beat entrechat (crossing the legs six times in mid-air) in 1973?
Which British perennial native plants never world's first six-beat entrechat (crossing the legs flower and propagate by means of spores?
Then in a moment of stillness, I slide off my high horse into an entrechat six, feeling ebullient.