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A jump in ballet during which the dancer crosses the legs a number of times, alternately back and forth.

[French, from earlier entrechas, alteration (influenced by entre, between, and chasse, chase) of Italian (capriola) intrecciata, intricate (caper), feminine past participle of intrecciare, to intertwine : in-, in (from Latin; see in-2) + treccia, tress; see tress.]


(French ɑ̃trəʃa)
(Ballet) a leap in ballet during which the dancer repeatedly crosses his feet or beats them together
[C18: from French, from earlier entrechase, changed by folk etymology from Italian (capriola) intrecciata, literally: entwined (caper), from intrecciare to interlace, from in-2 + treccia tress]


(Fr. ɑ̃ trəˈʃa)

n., pl. -chats (Fr. -ˈʃa)
a ballet jump in which the dancer crosses the feet repeatedly while in the air.
[1765–75; < French, alter. of Italian (capriola) intrecciata intwined (caper)]


A jump in fifth in which the legs are crossed and uncrossed at the lower calf. Entrechats are numbered not by the beats but by the number of positions taken by the legs, even numbers land in fifth, odd on one foot. Nijinsky reportedly reached entrechat dix (ten).
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The humble calling of her female parent Miss Sharp never alluded to, but used to state subsequently that the Entrechats were a noble family of Gascony, and took great pride in her descent from them.
Then, I'll increase the steps like petit allegro, moving to echappees, then beating the legs, changements and sometimes entrechats," she says.
With each word the advancing guard utters, Charlie salutes and, moving backwards, mimics Spanish entrechats, the bows of a fully gratified horsewoman.
But after each of these was correctly ordered, (i) the violins began to play and suddenly there enters a little dwarf belonging to the queen, (ii) with a robe (iii) made of black taffeta covered in tinsel (iv) having two faces as one depicts Janus, (v) making a thousand grimaces, capers, and entrechats.
Quand le plus fort a reussi, le narrateur tout embarasse dit pour sa mere: "Je ne pus faire autrement que de le nommer, ce qui declencha aussitot de sa part des courbettes, des entrechats, et il allait commencer toute la ceremonie complete du salut.
Metaphors and similes do arabesques, glissades, and entrechats, not pratfalls.
se jeter dessus et puis se raidir, mourir dans des entrechats grotesques" (206).
He also argued there for a modification to simplify the notation of entrechats etc.
Marie Camargo, debuting in Paris in 1726, quickly won acclaim for her apparently effortless and brilliant technique, and especially for her entrechats, jumping steps in which the feet are crossed several times in midair.
Y en ese recital bellisimo --Julio Cortazar fue invitado y testigo--, hubo una demostracion de guaguanco de un chino-cubano, solista, solitario, que nos demostro, abudantemente, insuperablemente, como es ese modo de rumba donde el contrapunto y los entrechats y los giros balletisticos mejores son, desde antiguo, parte comun de la buena rumba cubana.
The daughter of an opera-girl and a painter, she cloaks her background by claiming descent first from "the Entrechats .
Lots of pirouettes and entrechats followed, about "comrades" and Kurds and South Africans and how it was proper to breach the boycott.