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1. A cut of steak taken from the ribs.
2. A cut of steak taken from the sirloin.

[French : entre, between (from Latin inter; see inter-) + côte, rib (from Latin costa; see costa).]


(French ɑ̃trəkot)
(Cookery) a beefsteak cut from between the ribs
[C19: French entrecôte, from entre- inter- + côte rib, from Latin costa]


(ˌɑ̃ trəˈkoʊt)

a steak sliced from between the ribs.
[1835–45; < French < Latin inter- inter- + costa rib]
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Noun1.entrecote - cut of meat taken from between the ribs
cut of meat, cut - a piece of meat that has been cut from an animal carcass

entrecôte (steak)

nEntrecote nt
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For the well-off, there are ready-prepared dishes made with fresh produce: duck breast, spring chicken, steak entrecote.
The 10 words which left most people high and dry were: 1 travail, 2 entrecote, 3 piscine, 4 plage, 5 ete, 6 soeur, 7 pont, 8 poulet, 9 carte 10 marche.
Entrecote was another runaway winner when scoring in the opening Dunleer Maiden Hurdle for Francis Flood whose son Francis jr took the ride.
For the time being at least, the sirloin and entrecote of old England will be absent from brasseries on the left bank of the Seine and school dining halls near the upper reaches of the Sherbourne.
HCS operates the largest Outback Steakhouse in the world in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is affiliated with additional franchise concepts including Entrecote Cafe de Paris, MBCo, Cafe Ceramique and other brands.
Some "90 percent of Lebanese will go to Paris and eat entrecote.
So we made for the famous steak restaurant Le Relais Entrecote, where, after a salad to start, they serve only steak and fries.
The hotel opened with three restaurants, one aimed at excelling in French cuisine called L'Avenue, L'Sultan, a Lebanese bistro and Le Relais De Venise son Entrecote (L'Entrecote), part of a popular French chain launched in Paris in 1959 which caters to meat lovers.
for rest There is only one starter, a walnut salad in a secret dressing, and one main dish here, two servings of entrecote steak and chips for pounds 21 a head.
A chef was on hand to prepare the day's varied selection: omelettes, eggs, lamb chops, entrecote, squid, prawns.