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v. en·twined, en·twin·ing, en·twines
To twine around or together: The ivy entwined the column.
To twine or twist together.

en·twine′ment n.
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Their entwinement in narrative can be grasped, I will finally suggest, by the concept of experience, which is also capable of capturing the cognitive processes of readers as well as characters (section 5).
A usual general upward business trend after the world economic crisis is replaced by a close entwinement of growth, stagnation and setbacks of the worldwide industrial production.
Finally, though, life's entwinement with death and disease threatens too strongly the natural order that any absolute is supposed to ground.
The project Ways of Doxastic Agency: Information Update, Belief Formation and Assessment of Conduct (WADOXA) will provide a unified framework treating both information update and exertion of choices as complementary aspects of the entwinement between epistemic performance and conduct.
In Die frohliche Wissenschaft (which translates best as Cheerful Learning--rather than Gay Science--highlighting its key insight about the entwinement of learning and play), Nietzsche asserts that Tragheit (inertia, lethargy, or idleness) and Langeweile (boredom or tedium) are necessary preconditions for creativity.
With this mindset at Independence in mind, the close entwinement of modernity with a commitment to an egalitarian form of economic development becomes more apparent.
The question raised is not one of irony versus sincerity as it pertains to the gestural mark, but a much thornier one concerning perception's entwinement with belief: Abts's work, in its otherworldly perfectionism, eschews the rigidity of the "mechanical" in favor of the existential uncertainties of the virtual.
However, the former has a tacit connection with government through its entwinement with the state's regulatory apparatus and by potentially providing assistance for manufacturers that seek government privileges, while the latter is more of a marketing technique than a serious quality-certifying firm--making both of them poor examples of market-based regulation.
The entwinement of myth and enlightenment: re-reading "Dialectic of Enlightenment", New German Critique 26: 13-30.
05pm Entwinement + Q&A (): Thu 6pm King George VI Visits Hyde Park On Hudson (): Fri-Thu 11.
This entwinement of food, horror, and the mother can be seen in Rue Ordener when Kofman's mother threatens her and her siblings with terrifying dolls when they refuse to eat (68).
In doing so, it demonstrates how the legal entwinement of religion and state will prevent Israel from fully implementing American norms regarding matters of religion.