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v. en·twined, en·twin·ing, en·twines
To twine around or together: The ivy entwined the column.
To twine or twist together.

en·twine′ment n.
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The term 'dialectical' is used to designate their entwinement in Galileo's vision of immanent utopia.
Offsetting these positive factors are Berkshire Hathaway's exposure to market risk; its reinsurance operations susceptibility to loss severity; the uncertainty surrounding prior-year reserve requirements for the General Re Group, its subsidiary; and the entwinement of Berkshire Hathaway's non-insurance earnings performance with the general economy.
Like the stubborn tail of a dog, human sensibility returns to its entwinement with the quotidian.
The process of the worldwide crisis overcoming six years after the crisis outbreak is not characterized by the usual general upward business trend but by a close entwinement of growth, stagnation and setbacks of the worldwide industrial production.
Finally, though, life's entwinement with death and disease threatens too strongly the natural order that any absolute is supposed to ground.
In Smith's video, such historical facts are never explicitly disclosed; they are evoked through a skillful editing of the details of the entwinement of nature and history.
public function along with other state action factors like entwinement.
This is a politics that does not necessarily aim for visibility or representation in the wider public sphere and which may therefore also be freer of the entwinement with the politics of that sphere.
This entwinement of food, horror, and the mother can be seen in Rue Ordener when Kofman's mother threatens her and her siblings with terrifying dolls when they refuse to eat (68).
This leads to continued support in the region, and ongoing entwinement of stories, heritage and history, preserving the roots of the business.
Once Amsel has undergone his transformation, the entwinement of his mimetic motivation with the effects of Adorno and Horkheimer's instrumental rationality becomes more obvious.